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What Does an IVA Cost?

Advice debt do not charge any fees upfront. This means we’re able to assess your eligibility for an IVA with out any costs.

Should you be eligible for an IVA and wish to proceed then fees will be charged and will be taken from your monthly payments (known as contributions).

All insolvency practitioners will charge a fee for providing an IVA and these are different across each firm, the fees will be explained to you during the process of setting up your arrangement.

May not be suitable in all circumstances, fees apply, your credit rating may be affected.

A typical example of an IVA

This example includes any costs and fees that are payable.

*Example IVA figures are based on average Advice Debt client in 2022.





Credit Card


Store Card(s)


Total Owed


Your monthly payments:


Before an IVA

Paying an extra £416


With an IVA

Debt reduced by 61%

What will I pay for the IVA?

The fees involved in an individual voluntary arrangement are as follows:

Nominees Fee

The nominee fee is charged for the advice provided prior to entering into the IVA, preparing your IVA proposal, and corresponding with your creditors.

Once your meeting has been held and if your IVA is approved, you will then be charged a Supervisory Fee.

Supervisor Fee

The supervisory fee is incurred for on-going administration of your arrangement, dealing with creditor correspondence, completing annual reviews, and providing ongoing support to you throughout the term of the IVA. Some firms operate a fixed fee model which means the fees are capped at £3650, these can change from firm to firm and will be outlined to you by the insolvency practice administering your IVA.

Brook Meade Insolvency charge the following fees.

 – Nominee Fee: £1500

 – Supervisory Fee: 15% of all funds paid into the arrangement (Known as Realisations)

All fees are taken from your monthly contribution and are not in addition to this. All fees are subject to approval or modification by your creditors. You should not be asked to pay a fee upfront when entering into an IVA.

Other Costs

There are additional costs beyond the Supervisory and Nominee fee, however, these again come from the monthly payments you make and are known as disbursements.

Disbursements cover anything from insurance, system maintenance, third party payments and registration with the insolvency service. Depending on your situation, there may also be disbursements for property valuations, legal counsel or land registry charges. The disbursements are outlined within your proposal.

IVA Costs and Fees Explained

Are the fees paid for by me?
The fees are taken from your monthly contribution and are not upfront or separate from this. Should you complete the IVA successfully the fees will have been paid by the end of the term. Should your IVA fail before the term, you may notice that the balances owing to your creditors have not reduced as much as you have paid in due to the fees involved.
When can I make my first payment?
You will not need to make any payments until your IVA has been approved, at this stage your creditors would expect payments to start being made within 30 days of the acceptance date.
Do all companies who offer IVAs charge fees?
The simple answer is yes, there are no organisations who will administer an IVA free of charge. Some firms charge different fees and others operate a fixed fee model which is typically £3650.

Struggling with unaffordable debt?

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement could be the solution you need. IVAs can help reduce your monthly repayments to an amount that’s more realistic for your budget, so instead of worrying about money owning you, you’re back in control!

For a better understanding of how it works and potential fees associated with this plan tailored to fit your situation – get in touch now: Advice Debt on 0800 470 3448

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